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We are an industry Leader

in Civil and Highway Construction

At Phillips Hardy, we ensure all the pieces come together for a final build that exceeds expectations.

Our Philosophy

At Phillips Hardy we are diligent, quick to move with project changes, and accessible. We know every job is time sensitive, and we believe every client is important.

Our Mission

We adhere to the client’s budget and are proactive with knowing and following regulations, while using our expertise to add value to the project.

Why Phillips Hardy

Selecting a partner involves more than just locating a company with the right equipment. It requires a mix of competitive pricing, production know how and experience. Our expertise includes:


  • Earthwork
  • Bridge and Structure Construction
  • Underground Utilities
  • Concrete Paving

Other Construction

  • Site Development
  • Flood Control & Channel Improvement

What We Do


We know how to strategically move our heavy equipment to lay the groundwork for a project, whether it is large or small.

Bridge & Structure

We have a team of competent and highly qualified employees capable of all aspects of span bridge and reinforced box construction.

Underground Utilities

Although out of sight, underground work requires the same attention to detail as if it were before the eye.

Site Development

We know that every successful project begins with a solid foundation and our skilled team knows how to best unite all the pieces for a final build that exceeds expectations.

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving offers a versatile, strong and durable solution to meet the transportation needs for project owners.

Flood Control & Channel Improvement

We have partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers and other government entities on many projects to address various waterway issues from flood concerns to channel improvements.

Plan. Purpose. Promise.

PLAN – We are the right mix of expert people using innovative practices, who are skilled at uniting and balancing all of the complicated facets of construction.

PURPOSE – Outcome-based, we stay focused on budgets and deadlines and use our knowledge for  your benefit.

PROMISE – Through quality workmanship and diligent planning, we create confidence in a job well done.


Lee Hardy — President

Our philosophy is to plan accordingly at all times. We make decisions with purpose, and we follow through on our promise.